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What We Do: Business Planning

What We Do


  • Business Plan Development
    Go beyond mission and vision statements to creating a flexible roadmap for your business. Clarify goals and objectives and discover ways to get your employees more engaged in the future direction of your operation.

  • Business Plan Maintenance and Implementation
    Once you have developed your business plan, it is important that you think of it as a living, breathing document. A business plan should be updated at least annually to adjust goals and objectives and company strategies as needed, or perhaps sooner if any critical events occur that have a significant impact on your business (e.g., opportunity for merger, major tax legislation, revenues rise or fall sharply). SCS is there every step of the way to help you review and update your plan as needed.

  • Monitoring of Goals, Objectives and Strategies
    In order to keep your business plan alive, you need to communicate your vision for the company to all employees – and then you need to ensure that your vision is successfully carried out. We understand that you’re busy, and we also understand the importance of staying on track and accomplishing the goals, objectives and strategies that you’ve established. That’s where SCS can help! While you are busy running your business, SCS will conduct regularly scheduled conference calls with your company’s management team to monitor goals, objectives and strategies and keep the momentum going.

  • Checklist for TPA Best Practices
    The SCS Best Practices Checklist for TPAs is designed to help you assess your firm’s conformance to identified best practices and to help you prepare for the ASPPA Recordkeeper Certification process. The checklist is a combination of common industry practices in use by successful TPA firms and standards of practice identified within the ASPPA Recordkeeper Certification program. During the business planning process, SCS will collect information and review relevant areas of your company and subsequently, SCS will provide you with its completed checklist indicating the status of your firm related to each checklist item.



A well-respected pension administration firm in business for 30 years needed a business plan to help it grow into new markets as well as to obtain the ASPPA recordkeeper certification. The business plan that SCS developed for the firm provided a framework to take their business to the next level. Equally as important, communicating the plan to the employees helped them to understand their role in the firm’s profitability and market expansion.


– Owner of pension administration firm


– Craig Suemori, CPC, QPA, QKA
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