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What We Do: Business Consulting

What We Do


SCS representatives are uniquely positioned, because of their years of industry expertise and real world experience, to offer business consulting to retirement services firms. SCS consulting is designed to produce results with immediate practical applications relevant to your firm.

  • Facilitate partnerships between TPAs, Recordkeepers, and Advisors
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Customer, Referral Source and Employee Surveys
  • Benchmarking Against Industry Standards
  • Assistance with Reorganization and Culture Shifts
  • Operations Reviews and Workflow Mapping
  • Employee Recruitment, Retention Programs and Personnel Assessments
  • Technical Education Program Recommendations


A large institution's retirement services area brought in SCS to help them increase their competitive advantage in an emerging market. Through on site interviews and brainstorming sessions, SCS did a SWOT analysis of their operations and compared them to industry best practices. SCS partnered with the leadership team to develop an action plan to increase customer satisfaction and assets under management.

– Lee Swerdlin, President, Swerdlin & Company

“What a refreshing change it was to have consultants who understood our business! When my employer told me we had consultants coming in to spend some time with us, I was dreading it. When Sarah arrived and we started the brainstorming session, she made us feel completely at ease and really listened to what we had to say. In just one half day session, she led the group and helped us refine our ideas so that implementation was realistic. The brainstorming ideas have already brought about positive changes in our workplace.”

– Lori Durbin, QKA, Dynamic Pension Services

– Brainstorming session attendee

– Brainstorming session attendee

– Bill Nesbitt, Director of Sales and Operations, Walker Benefits, Inc.

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