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Who are the Generations?
You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
A Generational Success Story
SCS e-xpress July/August 2010
A Message from Sarah & Chris:

The theme of this issue is "bridging the generation gaps in the workplace."  
Thanks to modern medicine and technological advances, we are living longer and enjoying better lives. We are employed longer, resulting in a workplace where it is not uncommon to have up to four different generations working side by side.  All businesses are faced with unique opportunities and challenges resulting from the interactions of three or four generations in the office.  In the retirement services sector, one of the major challenges will be the knowledge transference required in such a knowledge-intensive business. Rapid technological change combined with the need for sophisticated customer service will make collaboration across the generations essential to a successful business model. 
As you read on, think about your own workplace and identify the opportunities and challenges related to multiple generations working together in your firm. The first step towards successfully bridging the generation gaps is to develop a better understanding of generational differences.  

We hope you enjoy our free SCS e-newsletter.  Please send us your ideas and suggestions for future issues.  Have a great day!  
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Today's Tips
See Sarah speak on the topic "Client Communication/DC Plan Take-over Issues" on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 11:45am at the 2010 ASPPA Annual Conference.
Need a get-away and some education too?  Check out Sal Tripodi's Annual Hawaii Seminar, November 16 - 18, 2010 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
The current ASPPA continuing professional education (CPE) cycle ends December 31, 2010.  ASPPA will be modifying the requirements for the 2011-2012 cycle.  Read more about ASPPA CPE here.
Today's Quote
The older generation thought nothing of getting up at five every morning - and the younger generation doesn't think much of it either.
 - John J. Welsh
That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in another.
 - Adlai Stevenson
Today's Laugh
Age is important, only if you're a cheese.
 computersgolf club 
 Who are the Generations?
Bill Gates, Tiger Woods and  Mark Zuckerberg
Bill Gates is a Baby Boomer (born after WWII through 1964 - the biggest segment of the US population). Tiger Woods is a Gen X-er (born between 1965 and 1981 - much smaller in numbers than the Boomers or Gen Y). Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) is a Gen Y/Millennial (born after 1981 - second in numbers only to the Boomers).  
Why look at these famous figures as generational examples?  They represent their generation's characteristics.  Bill Gates grew up questioning the status quo, is driven, likes recognition of work achievements, but can be judgmental of those who disagree with him.  Much the same can be said of Mark Zuckerberg, but he adds the Gen Y spirit of collaboration, using technology for more than just work - and working smarter, not harder.  Interestingly, Boomers and Gen Y folks have more in common than Gen X and Gen Y.  Although both Tiger Woods and Mark Zuckerberg are driven and technological, Woods and his fellow Gen X-ers value privacy, independence and time to figure out responses to problems (e.g., Tiger's post-scandal apology encompassed all of these qualities.).
                                              dog trick 
You Can Teach Old Dogs
New Tricks 
 Generations Working Together
"There's a common myth that older workers are technophobic and won't use new technology as well as younger workers. This is a myth, and a dangerous one," says Wayne Turmel, president of He further explains, "Most people in this age group are not afraid of technology, they just don't have the same relationship with it that younger workers do. What is intuitive to people who are regular users of Facebook, say, might not be second nature to someone who insists that a "friend" is someone they have actually met." So, although some members of the younger generations might believe that Boomers can't learn new technology - let's not forget that Boomers put a man on the moon and brought us PCs, and Boomer Bill Gates has certainly made many contributions to technological advancements.  When generations work together effectively, everyone can learn new things.
Consider unleashing the energy of each generation through a structured brainstorming session facilitated by SCS that addresses business issues within your firm.  This type of collaboration increases respect among employees for what each generation does best.  Boomers and Gen Y/Millennials like these sessions' emphasis on collaboration, feedback and teamwork. Let Gen X-ers help streamline processes to allow for a flexible work schedule emphasizing work/life balance.   Boomers can pass along their retirement plan knowledge and customer service skills to the younger generations while Gen Y/Millennials can use their intimate relationship with technology to make day to day work easier for everyone, including Boomers! 
gen gap idea 
 A Generational Success Story
Valuing Gen Y's Perspective

The Baby Boomer senior administrators had three thousand compliance tests to process after a disastrous tax season the prior year.  Due to their administrators' knowledge of the clients and customer service skills, the institution managed to retain most of the clients, but just barely.  Their new employee, a 22-year-old Gen Y college graduate, pestered them with questions about the previous testing season:  "Why did you do it this way?  How about doing it another way? Can't we automate some of these processes?"  The Boomers initially insisted he didn't know enough about how the tests worked to be helpful; however, his curiousity and advanced technological skills led him to a successful solution to ease the tax season burden. Find out how these Baby Boomer and Gen Y/Millennial employees worked together to bridge the generation gaps in their office - and improved service to their clients in the process. Click here to learn more about generational differences and read Case Study #1 to learn more about the above story. 
What Our Customers are Saying...  
"Having consultants who have truly 'walked the walk' instilled a confidence in us reagarding their ability to help us discern our own specific areas needing improvement and guide us to the solutions that might work best for us! Right from the start, Sarah and Chris set a positive tone that enouraged productive participation from everyone. And I feel having management ask for input from those of us 'in the trenches' fosters a shared vested interest in the continuing success of our organization. I came away with strong hopes of seeing some positive changes for our company."   
    - Kathy, southeast TPA firm
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